Charred Pesto Grilled Shrimp

The delicate flavors of the herbs, paired with the sweet shrimp makes a delicous combination!

Cod With Oven-Roasted-Tomato Vinaigrette

Sometimes, when use the right combination of raw ingredients, you create a dish that is so much better than the sum of its parts - and this cod dish is a perfect example.

Easy Roasted Turkey

Don't be intimidated...cook the turkey for Thanksgiving! This recipe is fool proof and you'll really wow your guests!

Ginger Lime Marinated Flank Steak

Juicy flank steak tastes the best when its grilled and marinated. This one is our favorite at home!

Gingered Salmon Burgers

These go great with buns, without buns, and on top of salads or veggies!

Grilled Moroccan Egglplant

Perfect for any summer BBQ!

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Fontina, Tomato, and Red Onion

These Portobello mushrooms make a great side dish, or vegetarian option for your summer barbeque!

Herb-Crusted Tenderloin of Beef

Herb tenderloin-This is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes for beef tenderloin. No searing required-and the results are perfect everytime!

Leg of Lamb with Mint, Garlic, and Basil

Nothing says Spring like a beautiful, rosy leg of lamb! Scented with mint and garlic, it is the perfect centerpiece for your Easter or Passover table.

Mushroom Risotto

This easy earthy tasting risotto makes a lasting impression. Add a dash of truffle oil or some shaved truffles if you are feeling extravagant!

Picnic Basket Fried Chicken

Fried chicken holds great childhood memories. Cut up the chicken and marinate overnight and enjoy the next day.

Pumpkin Chili

I hope your family likes this, as much as mine does! This taste of Fall is exactly what you need, for a cool evening.

Quick Pasta with basil and lemon

This dish would be delicious with grilled shrimp or chicken on top of it.

Ricotta Gnocchi with Summer Peas and Corn

This pasta recipe is lighter and easier than more traditional potato gnocchi, and because it's made with smooth ricotta, it whips up in a flash!

Rigatoni with caramelized onions and roasted toamtoes

There is something about the marriages of sweet, caramelized onions and tangy goat cheese that really pleases the palate!

Rosemary and Apricot Roasted Pork Loin

I love this combination of apricot and rosemary with the pork. It's super easy to make, and the leftovers are also delicious as a sandwich or Panini!

Sesame Orange Scallops

This tangy, citrus dish cut the sweetness of the seafood and turns this into a pretty spectacular meal!

Simple Spaghetti with Arugula and Parmesan

Get your passport ready, because this dish is going to take you straight to Italy! The peppery, cheesey dish will be a new favorite at home.

Simple Wild Salmon with Mango Vinaigrette

Reap all the health benefits from wild salmon, coupled with a sunny mango vinaigrette in this easy summer recipe.

Southwest Salmon Tacos

For these tacos, made with soft flour tortillas, I rely on quickly cooked salmon fillets seasoned with avocado salsa and topped with a spicy-smooth chipotle sour cream; you can whip it up in an instant. Canned chipotle peppers are great to have in the pantry. They add vibrancy to so many dishes, and once you develop a taste for the fiery chilies, you will be hooked. The best part is, you can enjoy these on Cinco de Mayo or celebrate any taco Tuesday.

Soy and Lime Grilled Tuna

This quick Asian marinade is perfect for the summer--nice subtle flavors that compliment the meaty tuna steak. It's also great on other types of fish and chicken.

Spaghetti All'Amatriciana

One of Chef Lynn Manheim's, director of the Aux Delices Cooking School, favorites.

Spice Rubbed Flank Steak

Why not put a couple of spiced flank steaks on the grill - the leftovers make a great salad tossed with arugula, tomato and blue cheese!

Turkey Chili

As much as I love chili con carne, I'm a big fan of this lighter version using turkey instead of beef. Using canned beans makes it ready in a snap!

Turkey Meatballs

This is one of those recipes with a lot of ingredients but don't let that scare you. The meatballs come together very easily and you will love them!

Vegetarian Chili

Thick and rich with vegetables and beans it's the perfect vegetarian option for the big game

White Chicken Chili

Chicken is a staple that's always in our house, so I am always on the look-out for new ways to serve it. Chicken chili has a lighter flavor than beef, and the kids love it!